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Benefits  10/17/06 11:24:54 AM

There are many benefits to using Orwig's Livestock Supplement Tubs. Here are just a few examples;

    1. Super high energy molasses base
    2. Very well balanced vitamin and mineral program that compliments livestock's seasonal needs
    3. Use of the most easily digestible and consistent ingredient sources available
    4. All natural proteins predominantly used, No animal by-products, we are FCI certified
    5. Only two phase specific formulas contain Urea
    6. Superior roughage utilization and Amaferm "Advantage" absorption
    7. Roughage or forage savings of 15-30%; stretch corn stalks up to 50%
    8. Greater palatability and continual availibility for constant rumen stimulantion
    9. Stronger heat signs noticed and shortened reproductive cycle time
    10. Overall, healthier livestock with higher conception rates
    11. Healthier, aggressive newborns, less scour accurance
    12. Brighter eyes, improved hair coat and physical appearance or condition
    13. Very Low moisture content of 2-3%, we are not selling and shipping water
    14. No chemical hardeners, bittering agents or salt used as an intake limiter
    15. No salt, (used only in two tubs) bulk waste fillers, screenings or graindust
    16. No waste; it is completely weatherproof, it can't ferment, sour, spoil or be spilled out of its container
    17. Unlimited shelf-life, the degradable nutritional ingredients are completely sealed within by the crystalized molasses
    18. Convenient, very easy to handle sizes and styles of feeding containers
    19. Less labor necessary, no extra feeding equipment to purchase or mangle
    20. Guaranteed, controllable consumption for incredible dollar savings


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