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“We have tried everything - supplement and medication out there, under the sun, for sale and nothing completely worked for us until we tried your tubs. We have had our two brood mares which grain foundered on the tubs for two years now and we see vast improvement in each. Each month it is a little easier for both to walk. The hoof wall has regrown strong and upright and the veterinarian now find very little rotation in the coffin bone by x-ray. Thank you for making such a “life saving” product!”

“Yes, I am one of those horse nuts that just won’t let go of an old aged mare. It has been just heart wrenching to watch my beloved friend go down hill. Her body had just drained of life and we just could not keep the weight on her until we found these tubs. She really gives them a work out and the consumption is surprisingly very controlled. The change in this mare is simply remarkable. It really saved her!”

“We simply cannot believe how fast our horses shed out their winter hair since they have been on the tubs. The tubs really seem to make an incredibly noticeable difference; their color is now rich, healthy, and man do they shine. They simply look more beautiful overall when compared to photos of the same animals from last year. Keep putting whatever you put in this stuff, the tubs really work!”

“We have tried all kinds of top dressed powders and concoctions on our horse herd. These tubs take the cake! They actually did the job you said they would do and they worked very quickly. We noticed improvement in just a couple of weeks. Their eyes are brighter, they seem healthier, and they never get snotty noses any more! Their resistance to disease is now very, very good! The tubs are the only thing we do different now. It is sure worth it!”

“We have been doctoring an old barrel horse for years now. The old boy just knows so much about racing but his body just tires out any more. After feeding the tubs we have seen a complete switch in attitude. He wants to run and has more energy. It is so exciting to see him enjoying competition again!”

“The tubs have shown us a number of things that we like in our cow herd. 1. Improved herd health (Footrot Control) 2. Better Breed Back 3. Better Feed Utilization 4. Controlled Consumption We use the tubs year round for everything!”

“Time is money and with 1200 head cow calf operation this is a cost efficient feed for fall grazing in rough country. You can help the cattle spread out in the hills to use the pasture up evenly. The 30% protein tubs gives enough to balance out there diet in the fall. Another plus is the product has a hardness to keep the cows from overeating. To supplement high protein in rough country is too hard to manage any other way. Any product is only as good as its dealer and Brad Gjermundson got us started on this a few years ago and does an excellent job with his service.” “Several reasons why we use the tubs; it eliminates foot rot - summer and winter, healthier newborn calves, cows clean faster, saves feed (roughage), and herd health improvement. It balances their diet on dry grass or on feed very cost effectively - they don’t overeat! We have tried many other tubs, minerals, liquid supplements but none of them do the job like these do for us! We have used it for several years now and are very satisfied. Again, the cattle are healthier, no foot rot and it saves feed. Everything with four legs on this ranch gets it!”

“Within 7 days of first introducing the tubs we see better condition on the animals coats and their eyes are brighter. What amazes us is the little baby calves will lick from the tubs. It seems to develop their rumen and we get much heavier weaning weights by fall then in past year when we did not use it. The tubs sure have made a money making difference with our herd!”

“We have an old pony that had grass foundered and could hardly walk for many years. He laid around and stayed off his feet any time he could, he would graze dry grass on his knees. We considered having him put down but couldn’t stand to do it because he belonged to our son that passed away in 91’. After just a few weeks on your tubs he can walk much better and is feeling good again. We can see a big difference in his temperament and actions. It appears that the old pony is smiling inside because he feels good again, and that in turn makes us feel good also. THANKS FOR THE GREAT PRODUCT!” Wayne Herman - Watertown, SD 57201, Home: 605-882-7082 Cell: 605-520-1365

“Before we started using the OLS #8Die Fly we had a lot of pinkeye, even after we vaccinated and there would be flies all the way down the sides of the cows. Now we have no pinkeye and very few flies on the cows – thanks to the Die Fly #8!” Dwight Beck – ND

“I love your product! We have been using it for a number of years now. We are currently in a drought that seems to increase the number of flies. Your product has been working great! The cows are not bothered by the flies, they continue to gain and do much better than the neighbors. Last year there was a breakout of pinkeye. Our herd was not bothered at all! All of the herds around us were effected, some very severely. We did not have one case! I felt this saved us money; time and our herd did not suffer. Thanks for making such a GREAT product – don’t quit!” Gordon Hirschi – MT

“We have just begun using the fly control mineral - OLS #8 Die Fly. It seems to be working fairly well and the cattle aren’t bunching up as much as some we’ve observed. They do eat the mineral and do not seem to “over” indulge as they did on the other kinds. We do use salt blocks also in addition to the “tubs”. We have lots of grass this year, and they still use the tubs as we place them in water areas.” Dean Hellig – ND

“We are very happy with your product – The OLS #13 Sheep Cake! We have used it on our sheep for as long as Mintana ---- has sold it. Our sheep really enjoy it! Thank you!” The Chapels – MT

“ Your company stands by its products – we had a soft tub an it was replaced. The OLS #9 Bovine Breeder worked very good, had less open cows last year – this spring calves were very healthy! (Drought last year) Some tubs the cows seem to back off of and not lick this time of the year. We had excessive rain in June and the tubs seemed to saturate bad but the cows just licked it off.” Lonnie - ND

“We have used several kinds of Orwig’s Lick Tubs. The cattle tend to eat them WHEN THEY NEED THE NUTRIENTS. The time before-calving and after-calving have been when we see vital and higher usage.” Ron Ketterling – Ketterling Brothers – ND

“We use the OLS # 11 Sheep Ewe Licks. I try to keep tubs in the pasture at all times. The Ewe and lambs love it and the ewes cycle better with it.” Barbara Woolsey – MT

“Used the OLS #9 Tubs in 2006 summer months. Had DE added, had good fly control! Cows came through drought conditions in good shape and weaned calves at same weight as before with good grass.” Steven W. – ND

“Once the livestock get started on these lick tubs – they are addicted to them and they lick until they are empty. Our son says the animals like to lick the tubs when they are bored and it entertains them!” Ketterling Brothers - ND

“We have been using the Custom OLS #9 Bovine Breeder tub for three years on our herd of commercial Angus cattle. There are several advantages using this product. We can take the tubs out to each cell in the grazing rotation system when the grazing season begins and replace the tubs as needed. The fly control with the Diatomaceous Earth was significant when the tubs were always accessible for the cattle. We noticed our cattle spread out grazing and not bunched up. We are pleased to be able to use this product and stay within the all-natural requirements for feeder steers.

The mineral package in the tub is our own design and OLS was great to work with when we asked for this. Our vet and OLS worked together to come up with this product. By keeping the product consistent with the nutritional needs of our cattle on the kind of grass and forage we have, it has made an impact on reproduction and herd health. The consumption is steady even during extremely cold or hot weather.

Placement of the tubs has also been important as we try to pull the cattle to different grass locations. The cows and calves recognize those tubs! We have been very happy with this product.”

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