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Name Change  10/10/07 10:13:14 PM

New Names, New Logo, Same Great Feed Tubs


The third-generation family of entrepreneurs, Steve and Marcy Orwig, are proud to be carrying on a working tradition of manufacturing premium quality, low-moisture, livestock feed supplement tubs. Over the years the Orwigs’ companies have changed and expanded to accommodate customers and their changing livestock feeding needs. The Orwigs have made another change recently: creating a brand-new International livestock feed supplement tub sales, service and distribution corporation, called Orwig’s Tubs Inc. (Formerly Molasses Livestock Supplement Tubs International Inc. then Orwig’s MVP Tubs) The MVP in the name had to be dropped because of a conflict with Missouri Valley Petroleum also in ND. The company is now represented by a new logo created by the owner, that is a silhouette of a goat, cow, horse and sheep head above a feed tub.


Their businesses are located 5 miles east of Ellendale, ND, on Hwy. 11, at the intersection of 94th Ave SE.  The state-of-the-art, manufacturing facility also is newly renamed; Orwig’s Livestock Supplements Inc. d.b.a. OLS (Formerly Orwig’s MLS Tubs Inc.) and it uses a “trade secret” and very innovative approach to dehydrating and cooling molasses then reincorporating premium quality ingredients into low-moisture big blocks. The Orwigs are looking at a potential patent pending on their proprietary continual-flow tub manufacturing process and cooking apparatus but are not certain that information should be readily available to everyone just yet.


“Dehydrating molasses into a hard, peanut-brittle-like consistency has proven a wonderfully viable base for livestock supplementation and we are very good at it. This is the ONLY thing we have ever done! My husband, Steve has over 26 years of hands-on experience cooking and formulating these low-moisture blocks,” said Marcy Orwig, owner and chief financial officer.


The Ellendale, ND, businesses employs twelve full-time and several part-time employees. There are also many independent sales representatives who recruit distributors, dealers and private-label accounts nationally throughout the United States and Internationally, predominantly in Canada.


“The OLS Tubs,” as they are called, are used to help solve many herd health and nutritional problems and to substantially extend forages. The tubs ration the correct amount of supplemental vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes for better digestion, into each animal daily. “The molasses comes from the Red River Valley here in North Dakota. It contains a high-energy source and all natural protein content, with a 0.5% minimal moisture content after processing,” Orwig said. “Our way of incorporating the ingredients into the first cooked then cooled molasses keeps all the valuable ingredients equally suspended from top to bottom throughout the tub, so the Orwig’s Tub is perfectly consistent throughout.”


The viscous liquid molasses covering also gives the ingredients a substantially longer shelf life than if the content were simply bagged. The molasses base is so dry that it pulls moisture from the air to soften. With the animals’ licking action, an even amount is released on top for ingestion. You can control the consumption by the actual container size, number of containers made available or size of the group of livestock on the tubs.  Adding to their appeal, the Orwig’s Tubs are completely waste proof and weatherproof. If they are rained on, the livestock simply lick it off.  If it snows on them, the animals will still find it and consume the product through the snow.


“The Orwig’s Tubs are also much less costly per-head-per-day to feed and much less labor-intensive than other feeds or supplements. It is its own container so you do not need to buy any additional feeding equipment like mineral feeders, liquid bulk tanks or creep feeders. You also are not out there in the dead of winter hauling around backbreaking bags all the time. Just push the tub out of the pickup or loader and its are out there, always available when the livestock need them most!” Orwig said. 


Before his death in 1991, Steve’s father created four main formulations. Since then, Steve has continued what his father had envisioned for his company, but did not get a chance to do, and has worked with countless producers throughout Canada, the central United States, even all the way down to Mexico. To complement the diverse feeding stages, unusual weather conditions and differing roughage available in each area, Steve has created well over 200 formulas specifically formulated for each phase of livestock production. Each formula of course varies in vitamin, mineral and protein content and is priced accordingly.


Cattle formulations are predominantly produced, but Orwig’s Tubs also offers formulations for horses, sheep, goats, llama, deer, and bison. Several sizes are made available: 50 lb. flat back bucket, 60 lb. tire feed pan with lid, 100 lb. small flat tub, 125 lb. small tall tub, 200 lb. large feed tub and 250 lb. largest fed tub available. Several container choices are also offered, including returnable, plastic, recyclable, prefabricated, fiber and HDPE no return ½ barrels. “We can fill about any style container and have even filled the old metal style ½ 55 gallon drums!” Orwig said.


For more information about the new corporation names, logo or the benefits of using Orwig’s Tubs on your livestock you can look them up on the web at or net or call the toll free number 1-888-SMO-TUBS.


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