Exclusive Manufacturing Process  10/10/07 10:00:13 PM

The newly renamed Orwig's Livestock Supplements Inc. manufacturing plant is an exclusive state-of-the-art, partially automated, molasses dehydration based processor of low-moisture livestock lick nutritional supplement tubs.  

With over 27 years of livestock feed industry experience specifically in developing and processing livestock feed tubs, we have combined our vast knowledge with that of engineers, metal fabricators, cerified welders, plumbers, electrical and automation professionals to create an amazing processing facility far superior to that of our competition.  

We are truly excited about its infinite potential!

The Unique Orwig's Livestock Supplements Process Offers: 

  • Newer Equipment for Less Down Time  
  • Much Faster Production Capability  
  • Far More Storage Space than Similar Type Facilities  
  • More Advanced "Trade Secret" Equipment 
  • Very Even Molasses Mixture for Product Hardness  
  • Consistent, Completely Uniform Ingredient with Molasses Mixture  
  • Cooler, Controlled Processing Temperatures to Prevent Charing  
  • Detailed, Automatically Collected, Process Production Records  
  • Traceable Individual Tub Identification Serial Numbers Applied
  • Cooker, Ingredient & Batch Identification Logged Daily
  • Easily Customizable Auto Process Formulations  
  • Advanced Cooling Method Allows Incorporation of Heat Sensitive Ingredients 
  • Much Quicker Start-Up & Shut-Down Times
  • Elimination of Wasted Water Flush Times 
  • Simple, Easily Done Maintenance  
  • Speedy Formula Switch Over Between Formulas without Residue    
  • Ability to Fill, and Handlle Many Varied Size & Style Containers  


This advanced manufacturing process is NOT limited to filling only ONE type of container style, size or shape. We can fill just about anything you would want to fill; including oversized poly waterers, small feed pans, many types of buckets, many styles of fiber drums and even cardboard boxes.  

Send us your favorite container and we will figure out how to fill it fast with your special choice of product formula.  

Mail containers to:
            Orwig's Livestock Supplements Inc.
            9723 94th Av. SE
            Ellendale, ND 58436

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