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TNT Formulas  10/04/07 11:50:58 AM

The "TNT" Formulas were created simply to get our foot in the door of  some feed stores and grain elevators that are most concerned with just the overall cost per Tub.  The "TNT" brand name stands for Today's Nutritional Tubs or Typical Nutrient Tub.  

This product is produced with the same mechanical process but cooking temperatures, dehydration times and dry ingredient inclusions vary substantially from our premium OLS Tub brand. These formulas are intended for performance purposes and higher livestock consumption rates per head per day. The overall ingredient nutritional value on the tag's guaranteed analysis and complete cost per tub is less than that of our competition. The cost per-head-daily varies according to each formultation. One TNT formula does incorperate a slight amount of NPN or Urea for Protein.

The "TNT" product line competes directly with the typical low end feed store competitor's formula. These formulas do NOT contain Amaferm, nor the chelated mineral package. The overall cost to the livestock producer might be slightly more per head per day but the selling point is by far simply the low, low cost per tub.

These TNT formulas are available in both deposit / return and disposable no return containers.

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