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Custom Formulations  10/05/07 11:53:16 AM

The process of manufacturing "Tub" type products is the one and only thing we have ever done. We have concentrated on it and gotten very good at this over the past years. For a varied milling fee, dependant on annual quantity of course, we can use this new advanced processing method to create a custom "Tub" specifically formulated to your concise specifications. We have done many customized mixes and toll milled formulas for other feed companies.

We do however, reserve the OLS Tub Formulas as our primary business mainstay so these formulas cannot be adjusted for you. However, the many TNT formulas can be adjusted without any limitation. The protein, vitamin and mineral content can be increased, reduced or we can completely elliminate an ingredient for your custom "Tub" type formulation. Please consult Steve Orwig for product formulations.

Usually we use non returnable, HDPE disposable/recyclable containers and non return disposable, third use, toll mill pallets for these type accounts. If you want to fill an unusual container size or shape, send it in and our engineers will figure out how to fill it for you.

We can also easily customize tub tags/labels with your companies logo and specific guarantee analysis without any extra printing cost to you. We do graphic art, type layout, design and printing here in house. This saves you time, effort and money on shipping and handling.

Call us to see what we can do to toll mill a custom tub for you: 1-888-766-8827.

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