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Signs/Banners/Flags  10/10/07 10:41:47 PM

This sign is 4 foot high by 6 foot wide. They are made of a very strong aluminum backing (like a HWY sign) which can be drilled through to put on a metal wall or fence posts. The material is very, very reflective. We put one OLS Sign on the fence at the corner of our ranch and the county made us move it because when traffic was coming from the North they could not see the stop signs on the corner. We purchase them in big quantity so the cost share to our dealers is only $200.00. If you dig in and sell lots of feed I might just give you one!

These banners I also did in a 4 foot tall by 6 foot wide dimension. They are made of a rubbery canvas coating material. They do not take high temperatures very well so do not leave them on the dash of a truck in the middle of summer. They do however wipe off very easily and have built in grommets so it is easy to attach them to fences or rails at rodeos, fairs and other events. The cost share for our distributors is $100.00. This includes a PVC tube with end caps for shipping and protection.

I also did a Rodeo Flad for promotional purposes. We have used them at 4-H events, High School & Wrangler Rodeos. They are 35 inches tall by 60 inches wide. They are made just like the NFR Rodeo Flags. We buy them in quantity from the same source. The fabric material is the same light weight stuff so it flows when the horse races around the ring. The cost share for our dealers/distributors is $50.00 + shipping. They can be easily mailed USPS or UPS.

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