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Promotion  10/10/07 6:48:23 PM

We greatly and truly appreciate the incredible support our many dealers, distributors and franchisee's sales efforts through (just about) any promotional means possible.  

Our products promotion program includes cooped cost share on lots of promotional items including; caps, jackets, coats, vests, banners, displays, signs, truck decals, and many, many others.  

We do National and Regional Advertising in many publications to keep new customer interest  flowing in. Our International Promotions Office is staffed around the clock and handles calls both day and night.Please keep in mind that we are on Central Standard Time.   

Many initial questions a potential customer may have can be answered immediately  through this office. We refer them on to the nearest distribution location.   

We also do frequent "Bulk Mailings" to promote product sales throughout the year. We have done our research and figured out how to mail most affordable. We also subscribe to frequently updated databases that allow us the ability of proper sortation for potential customers by a specific Country, State, County or City. This helps us pinpoint the very best individuals to mail information to and minimizes dead letter waste. Our people know how to use the latest equipment capable of minimizing overall mailing costs. From the incredible response we get, the bulk mailings we do are most definitely well worth the money spent for promotion! As you can imagine, it takes a lot of hands to get these all done timely. Even the kids get to help out!

As our exclusive authorized dealer or distributor you also have the opportunity to participate in the bulk buying power of our corporation. Throughout the year we do several printing projects to produce items that really help you grow your business.  

We do many items like; business cards, stationary, letterheads, envelopes, flyers, specific product promotional mailers, seasonal discount coupons, postcards, billboards, posters, banners etc. They are very helpful to get the word out that you or your company is handling our products.   

We are always open to suggestions!

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